Chief Engineer Officer


The Chief Engineer Officer is the ship’s technical manager and head of the maintenance team.


He is accountable to the Master for:

  • (Together with the Chief Officer) the safe working practices of all personnel;
  • The efficient operation of all machinery and equipment installed on board for the purposes of propulsion and the provision of hotel services
  • The safe, efficient operation and maintenance of all machinery and equipment installed on board for the purposes of cargo handling and storage
  • Implementation of correct procedures, monitoring and use of equipment to ensure that the cargo is carried in a manner as defined by the Charterer’s instructions
  • The routine checking, testing, maintenance and repair of machinery and fittings throughout the ship including the maintenance activities of the ETO/EEO/Electrician;
  • Maintenance of safety equipment
  • Spare gear and central stores inventories and associated documentation;
  • Update and control of the Engine Information Book and associated records.
  • Bunker custody and related anti-pollution measures;
  • The use of fresh, domestic and distilled water;
  • The training of Engineer and Marine Cadets and monitoring their progress.
  • Delegating additional duties to the job descriptions of other engineer officers onboard as considered necessary.
  • Carry out any lawful command and delegated duty as issued by the Master

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