NSML is a company committed to recruiting, training and efficiently managing seafarers, including those of  non-Nigerian origin, in compliance with applicable national and international maritime standards, regulations and codes.

We ensure that the our  manning operations are carried out to the highest international standards in a cost efficient manner.

The Company recruits both cadets and mature d​irect officers and trains seafarers to obtain the highest certification in terms of qualifications and competence. NSML ensures that its personnel are motivated by strong value propositions to perform to their full potential. NSML encourages its personnel through deserved promotions to take on additional responsibilities as soon as they are ready, thereby maximising job satisfaction and their value to the business


NSML recruits qualified cadets from recognized institutions in Nigeria and trains them in reputable institutions in the United Kingdom (UK) for their foundation/HND Degree in Marine Engineering and Nautical Science. We also recruit Shipboard Direct Officers and Ratings subject to availability of vacancies

Office Staff


NSML carries out internationally recognised trainings for shipboard personnel in reputable institutions in the United Kingdom (UK).

NSML Shipboard Officers are sponsored by the company to undergo relevant training to ensure that they possess the requisite skills needed by them to perform their duties efficiently. Shipboard Officers are made to attend Ticket Upgrade Courses and Short Courses in line with the international maritime industry requirements.

In addition, Ratings recruited by NSML are sponsored by the company to attend the mandatory training at reputable maritime institutions.

Training Administration

We effectively co-ordinate the administrative activities of training our shipboard officers.

We adopt a strategic approach in planning the training activities of our Shipboard Officers to ensure that our officers are trained at the right maritime institutions at the appropriate time and that the required competencies are achieved at the end of the training.

NSML is also responsible for providing the necessary logistics arrangement to and from the venue of the training as applicable.


(Onsigning and Offsigning Function)

We implement our manning operations to the highest safety and international maritime standards by ensuring that the adequate competent manpower are available onboard our vessels at all times.

NSML provides logistics arrangement whilst onsigning and offsigning the vessels.