The Maritime Centre of Excellence (MCOE) is a “one-stop” maritime training, research facility established to improve the quality of maritime expertise in Nigeria, West Africa and around the world.

Maritime Research

Vessel & Voyage Optimization, Model Testing, Maritime Financial Appraisal Services, Maritime Insurance

Maritime Training

MRC, Simulation, On-Board Training and Proficiency Assessment

Maritime Projects and Consultancy

Shipyard Supervision, New Build Plan Approval, Retrofit, Ship Lay-up, Dry Docking, Marine Asset Management, Ship Sale, ER, Cargo & Vessel Survey, Diving Operations, Maritime Security, Office & Onboard Audits, Vetting & Compliance, Regulatory Compliance

Seafarer Continuous Development Program (SCDP)

The SCDP is a scheme aimed at providing training berth spaces / sea time for third party organizations and individuals on NSML-managed vessels and other international flagged ships to ensure the supply of skilled and qualified manpower in Nigeria and the global shipping industry.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to serve on-board world class vessels under the supervision of the Maritime Centre of Excellence.

  • To help provide sea-time/on-board training for seafarers & cadets on international registered vessels.
  • To provide specialised training for working on LNG vessels – opportunity for achieving gas tanker endorsement.
  • Steam engine certification on-board training for marine engineers.
  • DFDE certification on-board training for marine engineers.
  • To provide skilled manpower in the regional shipping industry.

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