Second Engineer Officer


The Second Engineer Officer is the Chief Engineer’s deputy. He understudies the Chief Engineer Officer in all aspects of his managerial, professional and commercial duties with a view to qualifying himself for eventual promotion.

He must keep an engine room watch, or, on UMS ships must act as a duty engineer in rotation. However, where a ship carries an extra engineer officer, his watch keeping may be reduced to 4 hours per day, (or to allow a period of day work), at the Chief Engineer Officer’s discretion.


He is responsible to the Chief Engineer Officer, for:

  • Engine room safety and safe working practices;
  • The safety of all personnel working under his supervision;
  • The organisation and execution of all engine room watch keeping and machinery operating routines;
  • The maintenance, operation and upkeep of all parts of the engine room and the proper performance of maintenance in accordance with the decisions of the maintenance team and the provisions of the integrated work plan;
  • Carrying out routine boiler water, feed water and cooling water chemical tests. Reporting any abnormalities immediately, to the Chief Engineer. Failure to do so, will lead to disciplinary action.
  • Technical supervision of the engine room workforce;
  • Supervision, as delegated by the Chief Engineer Officer, of the spare gear/stores Petty Officer (if appointed), engine room Machinist, any ratings assigned to the engine room for specific maintenance or repair tasks, and the duty engine room ratings as applicable in certain ships;
  • Spare gear and its inventory;
  • Fire fighting and safety equipment (including fixed fire fighting equipment, e.g. the “CO2” or “Halon” systems on board) and safe practices in the engine room.
  • Must carry out any lawful command and delegated duty as issued by the Chief Engineer.

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